Monika Chumbley Spiritual Coaching
Photo by Zapalone Kadry Adventures Souls Photographer
THL certificate

I’m a forest creature, a friend of trees and nature in general. I’m interested in herbalism and collecting nature’s gifts, I’m a compulsive photographer of mushrooms and other wild rarities.

I’m a certified guide and instructor of the THL – The Highest Law technique of working with the soul, and a spiritual coach. In this work I focus on practical solutions. For me, the most important goal is to direct clients to their inner abundance, to experience joy, fulfilment, and love by appropriately directing the stream of their consciousness. I conduct training in the THL technique – The Highest Law, thematic workshops and individual sessions.

In 2022, I founded the Tribe of Light UK group for fellow Poles. It is connecting via Facebook platform (link here) – and it is dedicated to Polish people supporting each other in the development of consciousness and self-discovery. I organise tribe gatherings in various locations across England.
From 2023, I am co-creating CUD Festival, which is taking place in Britain. Its main purpose is to bring together the Polish community interested in self-development in the context of the integration of Body, Mind and Soul.

I create intentional jewellery in micro-macrame technique. Precious and semi-precious stones and crystals that I use for my creations can be of great support for emotional and spiritual healing in the times of need. This colourful craft can be found on my Facebook page Harmonia Creative.
I am an artist by education, I graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. I also work as a freelance graphic and website designer.