Transformational coaching session – online


Transformational coaching session usually lasts 45-90 minutes. This is a session based on THL – The Highest Law technique. During this online meeting, you are fully aware and do the work independently, under my guidance. My role is to give suggestions, analyze the situation, indicate perspectives that you have not noticed before or have not deepened. You work with your own will and energy.

The course of the session involves directing the client’s stream of consciousness in order to regain communication with unconscious fragments of mental, energetic and spiritual space. The connected elements are then guided towards being subjected to the optimal potential scenario that exists above the space in which the problem existed. In this way, instead of focusing on solving the dilemma, you build up the readiness to move into both, mental and quantum space where the problem does not work. Of course, before moving into this space, I encourage you to recognize and adopt different, non-exclusive perspectives related to your problem, which is why there is no question of the so-called spiritual bypassing.

The result can be experenced in real, material life, in aspects:

  • physical, emotional and mental health
  • relationships with yourself and others
  • material abundance
  • the feeling of healthily satisfied needs

Broadening the perspective and scope of work to include the “metaphysical” space serves to provide satisfaction in everyday life.


All sessions are taking place on Zoom platform – let me know if you have other requirements. I will contact you within 24hrs (weekdays only) to agree on time and date of your session. I will provide the link for our meeting.

For the duration of our meeting, make sure you are in quiet, private space with good wi-fi connection.


All information obtained during the session are of an educational nature. The methods I use are not a substitute for medical or psychological advice. They are also not diagnostics and treatment within the meaning of academic medicine. They do not include advice or treatment suggestions. Each client determines the form of treatment with his or her attending physician.



60 min, 90min


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